Break a Sweat on the Fort Circle Park Hiker-Biker Trail


When you’re looking for something a little more challenging than your local paved path or roadway trail, check out the Fort Circle Park Hiker-Biker Trail. This seven-mile path spans dozens of Civil War–era forts through a heavily wooded area with several busy road crossings. The trail spans the greenbelt from Fort Mahan to Fort Stanton, and covers the area that was the defense line against Southern Rebels. Save this hike or ride for when you want a real challenge. Though well-marked, the trail can often get messy with mud or overgrown vegetation.

To help you navigate your first time, take advantage of seasonal guided bike tours offered by the Park Ranger service. The Rangers will show you the best route, point out the forts and other landmarks, and even supply a bike if you request one. Be sure to call ahead for availability (due to the recent park closures and restrictions), and make the Fort Circle Park Hiker-Biker Trail one of your ‘must-do’ rides this summer.